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Cash for Structured Settlement

We are a nationwide buyer of structured settlement payments. We have offices in multiple states and operate in providing individuals with a lump sum payment in exchange for structured settlement payments in all 50 states. If you want a quote, please give us the opportunity to earn your business. All our quotes are totally free and without any obligation.

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How Much Can I Get for Selling My Structured Settlement?

How much will receive in exchange for your structured settlement will depend on a host of factors including the size and timing of your payments. While you are familiar with your structured settlement, there are countless different payment streams that we see and so giving a precise formula is impossible without seeing the specific terms of your payments. For example, payments can be made monthly, annually, or different fixed periods in the future. Some payments are guaranteed (meaning they are paid regardless if you are living) and other payments are life contingent (meaning they are only paid if you are alive when the payment becomes due).

With all that said, getting you an initial price quote for guaranteed structured settlement can be done immediately on the phone when you call or email us. Basically all the information we will need from you is: (1) the dollar amount of the payments or payments, (2) when the annuity payments are scheduled to be received; (3) whether they are guaranteed or life contingent (we can figure this out if you are not sure) and (4) what is the name of the life insurance company that is obligated to make the structured settlement payments to you.

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Cash Advances While Your Structured Settlement Sell is Pending

We know that many customers have demands for cash and often have an immediate need that can not wait 30-45 days (the time it takes to get the full lump sum of cash for selling the structured settlement). In light of this we offer the ability to request a cash advance on the purchase price. While you can not get a cash advance for the full amount of your lump sum, we regularly release significant amounts of money in 24-48 hours of signing a contract with us. These cash advances can be sent via western union, wire or a check made out to your name and sent via overnight mail.

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Partial Sell of Your Structured Settlement

Many people don’t realize they don’t have to sell their entire structured settlement. In fact, very few of our customers exchange their entire structured settlement for a lump sum. Many times you can even keep immediate payments if you are more comfortable selling payments that are not due to you until sometime in the future. Alternatively, if you are receiving monthly payments (or even lump sum guaranteed structured settlement payments), you can sell just a part of each monthly payment and keep the other portion. We are happy to provide you with different alternatives to consider.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Process of Getting a Lump Sum for Your Structured Settlement?

Regardless of what state you live in, a court must “approve” your sell of a structured settlement for a lump sum. The process, once you agree to terms, receive a disclosure and sign thecontract, generally can take anywhere from 30-75 days. The first step in the process after you sign a contract, is the filing of a “Petition” or “Application”, along with contract and ancillary documents, in the state court where you live. Once the Petition is filed, the Court sets a Hearing.

What Happens at the Hearing to get approval of your sell of structured settlement payments?

The hearing on your sell of the structured settlement payments will generally take place 30 to 45 days after the Petition is filed. Prior to or at the Hearing, the Court will have reviewed the contract to sell your structured settlement along with the ancillary documents. While every judge handles the Hearing differently, the Judge will almost uniformly focus on whether getting a cash lump sum in exchange for your structured settlement is in your best interest. Whether the transfer is in your best interest is a case by case determination and it is exclusively up to the Judge to decide. Judge will take a host of factors into consideration including your intended use of the funds. What is in one person’s best interest may not be in another person’s.

What is the Role of a Structured Settlement Buyer?

Companies that purchase structured settlement for a cash lump sum are NOT working on your behalf. These buyers are not your agents and are operating to make a profit. You should strongly consider retaining an independent professional advisor to provide guidance whether the sell of the structured settlement is right for you and you understand the terms. We will not provide any legal, tax or financial advice. You should not accept any advice from any company that is offering you cash for a structured settlement.

Regardless of whether you receive a quote from us or already have a quote from one of the other structured settlement buyers, it is prudent to shop around. Shopping around may introduce you to different or better offers as the buyers compete to earn your business.

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